India is globally recognized as one of the mega centers of biodiversity. While plant diversity is discussed at length, insects which form nearly 75% of all animals comprising tremendous diversity remain poorly characterized and documented. Several hundred thousand different kinds of insects have been described; three times as many as there are in the rest of the animal kingdom. Although efforts at the discovery and documentation of insects have been going on for at least the last century and a half, we have not been able to document even half of the estimated fauna. Sampling, identifying and studying the biological specimens are among the first steps toward protecting and benefitting from biodiversity. About one million insect species have already been described, and probably another million are yet to be described. The need of the time is accurate and prompt identification of alien pest species critical to bio-security of any country. One of the approaches would be DNA-based species descriptions that could enable us to catalogue insect life on earth quicker and will be very useful especially to ecologists, conservationists and diverse agencies charged with control of pests, invasive species, and food safety.

The consortium for the Barcode of Life (CBOL), International Barcode of Life (iBOL) and European Barcode of Life (EBOL) are devoted for the global standard for the identification of biological species by developing databases. The database (IBIn) now developed by the National Bureau of Agriculturally Important Insects (NBAII), Bengaluru, would be helpful to all entomologists and other in the country as ideal platform for their genomics work.

The Insect Barcode Informática (IBIn) is a platform to assist and manage acquisition, storage, analysis and to explore DNA barcode records for species identification and genetic analysis of status data of Indian Insects and their resources along with GPS data. IBIn is comprised of interspecific and intraspecific records of genera collected from different parts of India. The web version of the informatics incorporates browser interface facilitating statistics, taxonomy applications, species identification and sequence diversity estimation. An attempt will be continued to increase the database content with the additional curetted and computed data on the barcoding process as well as expand the analytical capabilities of the web interface with further novel data mining and visualization tools.

Database Statistics

Species Barcoded in India

: 3694

Species Barcoded in World

: 163617

Total No of Species in India

: 58977

Total No of Species in the World

: 941061